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The WizardWebServices Team



“No Man Is An Island” – What an excellent quote!

Likewise – no one can be a ‘Master of All Trades’, hence, here at WWS we have a dedicated team of people who are all experts in their own fields of operation.

And to coin an acronym – Together Everyone Achieves MoreĀ  :)

That said with Randy Smith at the helm and managing the workloads, WizardWebServices simply get results.

Randy Smith


Here’s Why:

Randy was already seeing a good degree of success in Internet marketing before the creation of the Wizard brand, and had achieved some great results with a number of his own internet marketing based products.
He has his own mailing list, where many thousands of people look forward to receiving his latest Internet marketing Newsletter, appropriately named ‘Randy’s Ramblings‘.

Even before becoming involved with Internet marketing Randy was a successful Salesman and Sales Team Manager in the UK, selling products ranging from Double Glazing to Cable Telephone and TV services before opening his own furniture store.

As with many entrepreneurs, his furniture business failed during the recession of 2006 where he turned his ‘online hobby’ into a full time business.

Randy Lives in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, which is in the north of the UK.

However, John, Terry, Bev and our part timers, main interests have always been more on the technical side of marketing.
They admit their single driving force behind all their online activities, is always needing to know “how things work”!
Therefore they has naturally always been interested in the technical workings of websites, software and internet based scripts over anything else.

John is a successful designer, both of websites and graphics for websites, and has more recently spent time studying & developing his skills in website coding, primarily in the php programming language, but also including software development too.

Terry is an expert at SEO and site building, along with creating software and plugins used by literally thousands online. Under his own brand as well as doing white label work for some high tech organisations.

Bev has always focused on Search Engine Optimization, and as such is very much in demand by companies from the USA through to up coming European countries such as Albania.

Meeting each other seemed to be a match made in heaven, as through their online friendship Randy, John, Terry & Bev discovered that each excelled in the skills they personally lacked or would have loved to know more about.

Hence from an initial friendship and collaboration of skills, they eventually met up offline and formed a Team, lead by Randy, that would lead to many more successful sites and ultimately the formation of WizardWebServices.

Having established sites and services that satisfy the varying requirements of a whole range of people. WizardWebServices are now expanding and hiring extra staff to handle the more basic aspects of our operations in order to free up time to provide more help for others in need of solutions to their own challenges.

By teaming up, these individuals have created a range of services that can help anyone looking for help in the online world.

Whatever challenges you’re facing with your own online marketing, feel free to contact the team at WizardWebServices to discuss any areas you may want help with and we’ll discuss your requirements and put together some custom solutions for your consideration :)