Wizard Web Services

Wizard Web Services

Online Solutions for Web Design, Graphics, Script Installations, Social Networking, Mobile Websites/Marketing, Copywriting, Hosting & Customer Contact Systems.

Who Are WizardWebServices?

Created in early 2008, WizardWebServices© was the amalgamation of several Internet marketing based websites from Randy Smith & his team.

WizardWebServices© was created with the sole purpose of bringing a team with years of online experience under a single brand in one easy to locate site.

A Brief History.

The ‘Wizard’ brand came into creation when

Randy (that’ll be me talking in the third person .. lol) & most of his team come from total opposite backgrounds. Randy was a successful Internet marketer before the creation of the Wizard brand, Although he has only been full time online since 2006 – he started ‘dabbling’ in 2000 and before this he had worked in Direct Sales & Sales Management for over 20 years.

Others in the team had extremely successful online businesses in different areas from multiple adsense sites, to software development and graphic skills with a high level of expertise in the technical workings of websites, software and internet based scripts. They range from successful designers, both of websites and graphics for websites, and others have skills in website coding, primarily in the php programming language, but also including software development too.

Due to their very different backgrounds & strengths, the solutions they provide can be extremely diverse.
Combining their skill sets lead to a very fulfilling team for which which nothing seemed impossible.

From basic website creation, to more complex selling solutions, WizardWebServices and what it can produce for you the consumer, remains vast.

The only restriction is your imagination.


We hope to be of service to you soon ;)

Randy Smith